we start working in this field since 2002 ,we work with the best companies in Europe, also in Jordan after all this experience, we figure out that to satisfy our customers, we need to solve their most problems which   is how to maintain their machines and the spare parts ,SO, we choose one of the best companies in Europe to supply us the most wanted spare parts, the original parts ,and if any parts in not available in our stock-house we are ready to supply it within two weeks maximum for the date of ordering. All this service we proudly say is available in Iberital.

Also we choose one of the best companies in Europe to supply us with the Espresso Coffee ,the filter coffee and the best capsule’s or pod’s you might taste, all your good aroma and taste of coffee you can find it in cafesgranell.

After that and without saying any word or even think to find the best filter coffee machines and the best line for vending. Simply you go straight ahead without think of quality, because it’s already the one. It in the best Creminternational As known for all. The wonderful, amazing, the best to invest your money the brand Coffee Queen.

While we serving our coffee, most our customers start saying (after we earn their trust) because of our service and honesty, why not we supply them with the coffee machines for heavy duty and domestic machine, and as far as that each company seeking to the completely top service, we find our brand which is if you just hear the name you will feel the glory, the perfect, the specialists, OUR dream come’s true with royality, the       Magister.

Last and not least and after a long discussion and meetings with the best line in Europe for topping, which is preparing and heating with steam the amazing line for preparing the Topping, Chocolate, Cappuccino, French Vanilla, (3 * 1), the instant black, lemon tea ,and many many other items. The one which gives us the best, its Laqtia.

Then after three years of working most the customers start switching their own machines from us and buy the new one, after we find that we have a lot of stock machines (USED Machines) we decide to open a new section which offer to any customer who want to buy a used machine we are ready to sell it and we are the only in Jordan or even in the World who sells the used coffee machine with a real warranty of one year. 

After all this mix with the chosen companies and our staff which is trained very well in most these company, how to serve, how to convince, how to deal ,how to deliver .

I hope we can give our customer the satisfy service they are looking for and after all this we still believe that our service is on the first step for satisfying our customer. and we still believe that ……………….